THE GIRL BEHIND THE CAMERA - Capturing moments of love & all the feels of life.

Hey it's Crista!

your Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer born & raised in the cutest little town of Redlands & still based in Southern California who is just obsessed with taking your photos! I’ve had a camera in my hand for over 10 years and married the love of my life just over a year ago :) I adore the simple things in life…cuddling with my HUSBAND Sheldon & our two dogs in bed each morning, making lattes, taking care of our new home together, watching Gilmore Girls, drives in the canyon listening to Post Malone & watching the sunset in beautiful locations. I graduated college from CSUSB with my bachelors in Psychology and worked in the field counseling, then I realized I can also help people gain confidence through my greatest passion, photography. I am happiest with a camera in my hand, so my "job" has never felt like a job. It has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and I feel so blessed everyday that I get to call this my career.

My Style

You can expect at a session with me that you not only get great pictures, you get a memorable warm experience! I love showing up for you with positive energy & guidance I continue to combine my passion for photography & love for people in my work everyday. I appreciate deep emotions & the need to feel a human connection. This would describe my unconventional way of photographing you! I love to feed off energy & create moments rather than poses. I live for connecting with people! I don’t see myself as a vendor, I see myself as your friend & biggest hype gal you will ever have!  We create more magic off vibing & getting to know one another…instead of telling you to stand here & smile there. I feel a true connection with you behind my camera & express my creativity with you as my muse. Lets create an amazing experience and make you feel as beautiful as art!


Cancer sun

Capricorn moon

Gemini rising


Here's two random quirky facts about me – I have a unique fear of lobsters and crabs! While some people might find them fascinating or delicious, the sight of these crustaceans sends shivers down my spine. + I love and grew up riding horses! Horses have been an integral part of my upbringing. The bond formed during those horsey adventures is something I cherish to this day!


I am married to my best friend, Sheldon. Our Love Story...We met at a party in Redlands, (he lived in LA at the time) so crazy to us still how we both ended up there! We went on a date in LA the following night & haven't been apart since. Sheldon is my ride or die, my business partner, the love of my life. Sheldon is the life of the party & is always the first person to offer his shoulder to cry on. He is the definition of the sweetest man alive.

My Why

I appreciate the connection between two souls because of the love my husband and I have & this life that we have built together. I crave your love story. I want you to have the most timeless & beautiful photos to hold onto for forever. Photography allows me to capture and preserve the beauty of fleeting moments. I believe in creating timeless memories that people can cherish throughout their lives and share with future generations.