Carly & Joe

From the very beginning, capturing Carly and Joe's love story felt like a privilege. From chatting through email, to meeting up for the engagement session, then planning all the details of the wedding; Carly & Joe were just one of the most genuine couple's I have ever met. Carly felt more like a best friend than a client, and I am still so grateful to have met her. Their engagement session set the stage for a wedding that would leave an indelible mark on everyone present. From heartfelt tears to moments of sheer joy, Carly and Joe's wedding was nothing short of magical – an affair that tugged at the heartstrings and left an everlasting imprint of love. Carly and Joe's wedding wasn't just a ceremony; it was an authentic and heartfelt love story unfolding in real-time. From the start of the day to the final dance, their wedding day captivated all who were lucky enough to be part of it. As I packed my bag at the end of the day, it was evident that Carly and Joe's wedding wasn't just an event – it was a true celebration of love, leaving me with a deep appreciation for the simplicity and power of genuine connections. I love this couple so much, it was just a pleasure working with a couple with an amazing connection.